GK Quiz – 2

General Knowledge Quiz-2

Name of the place where Kedarnath Temple is located
Name of the first Defence Minister of Independent India
In which state Kalaripayattu Martial Art relate to
Human Milk Bank named Jeevan Dhara runs the first time in which state ?
In which state India's only Naval Aviation Museum is located
In which year the Disaster Management Act was enacted in Inida
In which state the headquarters of Western Air Command of Indian Air Force is located
When India became the member of United Nation (UN)
How many islands associates with Lakshadweep
How many States in India have Legislative Council (Vidhan Parishad))
Name of the Industry that consumes maximum water
In which state the National Police Academy is located
Jharkhand's town Sindri is famous for
The Gulf of Mannar is located in
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General Knowledge Quiz-2
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