GK Quiz – 1

General knowledge Quiz-1

Which is the India's largest City By Population
Number of States & Union Territories in India
When celebrates Hindi Divas in India ?
In which place India's First Bio-Sphere Reserve has been established..?
Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the _________th PM of India
Who is the first Indian Prime Minster to address British Parliament
Name of the field that is related to Dr. P.Rama Rao Committee
When celebrates National Law Day in India ?
What is the name of India's Harvest Festival ?
Who founded the First Women's University
Who is known as " Waterman of India "
Vridha Ganga is also known as ?
In which year National Green Tribunal has been established in India
Which day is also known as Indian Census Day
Name of the department that is related to National Disaster Authority (NDMA)
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General knowledge Quiz-1
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